In a schematic, each component is identified by a reference consisting of a code and a progressive number. The prefix (R, C, U etc.) specifies the type of component while the progressive number (R1, R2 etc.) identifies each individual component. The operation of assigning a reference to the components can be either manual or automatic.


Each reference must be unique within a project.

Manual annotation

The manual annotation of components can be done by opening the symbol properties window and typing the reference directly. This is an operation suitable for projects of low complexity or when you want to assign a precise reference to certain components.

Automatic annotation

Automatic component annotation assigns a single reference to all components of the project. It is possible to specify a different numbering for each page or to number only some components without a valid reference (references with ?).

To activate automatic annotation

  1. Choose the Schematic » Annotate command or click the tool in the toolbar.

  2. The Schematic annotation dialog box opens.

  3. Set the parameters in the dialog box and click on Ok.

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