A schematic, in addition to the graphic information relating to the symbols of the components and their arrangement on the page, also includes electrical information and in particular a schematic provides information on the existing connections between the components. A connection is the list of all the pins that are connected together. The netlist is the list of existing connections in a schematic. The type of information in the file and its arrangement depends on the format chosen.


The set of rules used for drawing checking and generating the netlist can be set in the Schematic tab in the Project properties dialog box. The dialog can be activated by selecting the command Settings » Project Properties or by using the key combination CTRL+ALT+P.

Errors are listed in a report window. Each line describes an error or a warning message. Right-clicking inside the report window opens a menu with a few commands.

To activate the netlist generation for the project

  1. Choose the command Schematic » Build Netlist or click on the tool in the toolbar. The Build Netlist dialog box appears.

  2. In the dialog box choose the format of the netlist and click on Ok.

The netlist is first generated internally in a standard format and then converted, by means of appropriate conversion filters, into the selected format. Some of these filters are supplied with the program, others can be easily realized using the language for macro programming.

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