The transformation center is the reference point for the transformations of the selected objects. It is initially hidden and is set at the center of the selection rectangle.

The transformation center is indicated by the symbol .

To view the transformation center

Do one of the following:

  • If the Select tool is active, right-click to open the menu and choose Show reference.

  • If the Edit tool is active, right-click on a hook to open the hook menu and choose Show reference.

To move the transformation center

Do one of the following:

  • Move the mouse pointer over the transformation center. The mouse cursor takes the following form . Click and drag the transformation center.


    When you move the transformation center using the mouse, you can constrain the horizontal or vertical displacement from the starting point using the tabulation key. Pressing the key once for the first time binds the vertical shift. Pressing it a second time binds the horizontal shift. A third press again frees up the horizontal and vertical movement.

  • Right-click on the transformation center of the selection. The Transformation Center menu appears. Choose a command.

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