You can create simple text documents or documents with formatting and images. Simple text documents can be reports in tabular form of data resulting from a simulation or the component list related to a schematic. A report or product documentation uses more complex formatting and graphics as well as the incorporation of drawings and images.

Format of text documents

Document type Description

RTF documents

For creating reports and component lists. Text in RTF format can be exported and included in other documents. RTF text documents are also used as data containers for diagrams. See Creation and use of RTF documents.

HTML documents

For creating reports and component lists. See Creation and use of HTML documents. Text in HTML format can be used to create a Job information page. This page appears in the Open Job dialog when you click on the file name. See Add an information page to Job.

Plain text documents

For creating unformatted text documents. See Creation and use of plain text documents.

SPICE Library

For the creation of libraries of SPICE models to be used for the simulation of electronic circuits. See To create a library of SPICE templates.

SPICE documents

For creating SPICE circuits in text mode. See SPICE simulation in text mode.

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