Fourier analysis calculates the spectral components, in modulus and phase, of the specified signals. The results of the Fourier analysis are calculated based on the currently set vector as a scale that usually corresponds to the time vector generated as a result of a transient analysis. The vectors whose spectral components are to be calculated are interpolated on a corresponding scale to a period of the fundamental frequency. The interpolation function is regulated by the options: Polynomial degree for interpolation function and Number of interpolated points for Fourier analysis.


The options can be set in the tab Vectors in the Application properties dialog box. The dialog can be activated by selecting the Settings » Application Properties command or via the key combination CTRL+ALT+A.


Specify the fundamental frequency and the number of harmonics to be calculated.


Specify the format and number of decimals for numerical values.


This box lists the vectors to be included in the report.

To add a vector to the report

  1. Click the Add button.

  2. The dialog box in which to enter the vector parameters appears.

To remove a vector from the report

  1. Select the vector.

  2. Click the Remove button.

To change the order of the vectors in the report

  1. Select the vector to move.

  2. Click the Before button or the After button.


Deletes existing text

The text document is emptied before the report is generated. If this option is disabled, the report is appended to the existing text.

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