This function allows you to define the tabs used for parameter entry.

FWiz.DefineTabs(tabTitle1, tabImage1, tabTitle2, tabImage2, ...)


Parameter Description
tabTitle A string specifying the title of the tab.
tabImage A number indicating which image is to be displayed when the tab is activated. Images must be defined with the DefineImage function.

Return Value

If an error occurs it returns false otherwise it returns true.


This function can only be called in the initialization phase within the function in response to the OnInitialize event.


See the TO-220 sample code for the complete script.

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function OnInitialize()
  FWiz.DefineAttributes("Q", "Type");
  FWiz.DefineTabs("Dimension", 1, "Assembly", 1, "Pad Style", 1, "3D Model", 1, "Info", 1);
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("A", 4.40, 4.60, "Body Thickness (A)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("b", 0.61, 0.88, "Lead Width (b)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("b1", 1.15, 1.70, "Lead Width (b1)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("c", 0.49, 0.70, "Lead Thickness (c)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("D", 15.25, 15.75, "Body Length (D)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("E", 10.00, 10.40, "Device Width (E)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("e", 2.40, 2.70, "Lead Spacing (e)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("F", 1.23, 1.32, "Tab Thickness (F)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("H1", 6.20, 6.60, "Tab Length (H1)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("J1", 2.40, 2.72, "Body Offset (J1)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("L", 13.0, 14.0, "Lead Length (L)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("L1", 3.50, 3.93, "Lead Length (L1)");
  FWiz.DefineDimension("L20", 16.4, "Mounting Length (L20)");
  FWiz.DefineDimension("L30", 28.90, "Device Length (L30)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("P", 3.75, 3.85, "Hole Diameter (P)");
  FWiz.DefineDimensionRange("Q", 2.65, 2.95, "Hole Offset (Q)");
  FWiz.DefineBoolean("BEVELEDTAB", true, "Beveled tab");
  FWiz.DefineListBox("PADSHAPEMODE", 0, "Pad Shape", 1, "Round", 0, "Square", 1);
  FWiz.DefinePenStyle("BODYPEN", 0, "#0000000000000000812ZZZZZZZ", "Body Outline Style", 1);
  FWiz.DefinePenStyle("LEADPEN", 1, "#0000000000000000813FZZZZZZ", "Lead Outline Style", 1);
  FWiz.DefineBrushStyle("BODYBRUSH", 0, "#0000000000000000G127ZZZZZZ", "Body Fill Style", 1);
  FWiz.DefineBrushStyle("LEADBRUSH", 1, "#0000000000000000G11VZZZZZZ", "Lead Fill Style", 1);
  FWiz.DefinePadStyle("PADSTYLE", 0, "Automatic", "Pad Style", 1, true);
  FWiz.Define3DStyle("BODYMAT", 0, "#2Y3Z3EY14ATD741VMUJZPJEEFU", "Body color");
  FWiz.Define3DStyle("LEADMAT", 1, "#DUR6PFF1V3VX94R4RZ392G7HDV", "Leads color");

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