A graphic document.

Inheritance Hierarchy



Name Description
BackupStyles Save all styles in a backup area.
ClosePageManagementUndo Closes the page undo stack.
DeletePage Removes the page from the document.
GetActivePage Returns the active page.
GetAttributeStyle Acquires the current style.
GetNetlabelStyle Acquires the current style.
GetPage Returns the specified page.
GetPageCount Returns the number of pages contained in the document.
GetPageFormat Returns the page format.
GetPageHeight Returns the page height in mm.
GetPageWidth Returns the page width in mm.
GetReferenceStyle Acquires the current style.
GetStyle Acquires the current style.
GetValueStyle Acquires the current style.
MovePage Move the page to a new location.
NewPage Adds a new page to the document.
OpenPageManagementUndo Opens the page undo stack.
PurgePageManagementUndo Empty the page undo stack.
RestoreStyles Restore previously saved styles.
SelectPage Sets the active page.
SetAttributeStyle Sets the current style.
SetNetlabelStyle Sets the current style.
SetPageFormat Sets the page format.
SetReferenceStyle Sets the current style.
SetStyle Sets the current style.
SetValueStyle Sets the current style.
ToolPickObject Activate the tool to acquire an object.
ToolPickPoint Activate the tool to acquire the coordinates of a point.

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