The Table object.

Inheritance Hierarchy



Name Description
ClnJoinCell Joins the specified cells.
GetCellAlignment Gets the text alignment mode.
GetCellBackgBrush Gets the background style of the cell.
GetCellEdgeMode Gets the display mode of the cell frame.
GetCellEdgePen Gets the pen style of the cell frame.
GetCellHeightFactor Gets the height of the cell.
GetCellLineSpacing Gets the line spacing.
GetCellMargin Gets the cell margins.
GetCellTextBrush Gets the color of the text.
GetCellTextFont Gets the font of the text.
GetCellWidthFactor Gets the width of the cell.
GetColumnCount Gets the number of columns in the table.
GetFrameThickness Gets the thickness of the outer frame.
GetRowCount Gets the number of rows in the table.
GetText Gets the text string.
InsertColumn Insert a column into the table.
InsertRow Insert a row into the table.
RemoveColumn Removes a column from the table.
RemoveRow Removes a row from the table.
RowJoinCell Joins the specified cells.
SelectAll Select or deselect all table cells.
SelectCell Select or deselect a table cell.
SelectCln Select or deselect cells in a column.
SelectRow Select or deselect cells in a row.
SetCellAlignment Set the text alignment mode.
SetCellBackgBrush Sets the style of the cell background.
SetCellEdgeMode Sets how the cell frame is displayed.
SetCellEdgePen Sets the pen style of the cell frame.
SetCellHeightFactor Sets the height of the cells.
SetCellLineSpacing Set the line spacing.
SetCellMargins Sets the cell margins.
SetCellTextBrush Set the text color.
SetCellTextFont Set the text font.
SetCellWidthFactor Sets the width of the cells.
SetFrameThickness Sets the thickness of the outer frame.
SetText Set the text string.
SplitCell Splits the specified cell.

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