Select or deselect cells in a row.

DlxTable.SelectRow(row, select, clnStart = -1, clnStop = -1)


Parameter Description
row Row index.
select Specify true to select cells or false to deselect them.
clnStart Index of the starting column. If it is -1 all cells in the row are selected or deselected.
clnStop Index of the final column. If it is -1 all remaining cells in the row are selected or deselected.

Return Value

If the operation ends correctly it returns true otherwise it returns false.


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var prj = DlxApp.GetJob().GetProject("Example Sch");
if (!prj.IsValid())
  prj = DlxApp.GetJob().NewProject("Example Sch");
var doc = prj.GetDocument("Examples Sch", DlxApp.DOCTYPE_SCHEMATIC);
if (!doc.IsValid())
  doc = prj.NewDocument("Examples Sch", DlxApp.DOCTYPE_SCHEMATIC);
  doc.SetPageFormat("A4", false);
if (doc.IsValid() && doc.Activate())
  var page = doc.GetActivePage();
  if (page.IsValid())
    var layer = page.GetLayerFromType(DlxApp.LAYERTYPE_DRAWING);
    if (layer.IsValid())
      var table = layer.DrawTable(new DlxRect(50,40,160,90), 4, 5);
      table.SetCellEdgePen(new DlxPenStyle(0.5, "Blue"), DlxApp.TABLECELLEDGE_ALL);
      table.SelectRow(0, true, 1, -1);
      table.SelectRow(2, true, 1, -1);
      table.SetCellBackgBrush(new DlxBrushStyle("lightgray"));

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