The PCB panel lists all components and nets on the PCB.

You can expand net folders by clicking the Expand button to the left of the net name. To compress folders, click the Compress button button. When you expand a net folder, all pads connected to that net are listed.

The following image shows the appearance of the PCB panel:

Job Job


Pressing the right mouse button inside the PCB panel shows the command menu.

Legend of the symbols of the component list

Symbol Description

No footprint is associated with the component.

The component must be placed in the PCB.

To place the component in the PCB

  1. Click on the component name to select it. The cursor takes the form of a hand.

  2. Click on the component name and drag it into the PCB. To rotate the component, press the R key.

The component is placed in the PCB.

The component is present in the PCB but is not present in the schematic.

The component is locked.

The component is protected.

Legend of the symbols of the list of nets

Symbol Description

The net is empty.

The net has been completed.

Not all components connected to the net have been placed on the PCB.

The net must be completed.

The pad was placed in the PCB.

The pad must be placed in the PCB.

Commands in the PCB panel menu

Command Description

Show Device 

Highlights the selected device in the PCB.

Show Symbol 

Highlight, in the wiring diagram, the symbol corresponding to the selected device.

Device Properties 

Opens the dialog box with the properties of the selected device


Locks the component. A locked component cannot be moved.


Protects the component. A protected component cannot be selected.


Activate the tool Track to be able to manually rout the selected net.


Removes traces of the selected net.


Automatically routes the corresponding tracks to the selected net.

Autorouting Settings 

Opens the dialog box where you can set the parameters for the autorouter.

Highlight Net 

Highlights, in the PCB, the selected net.

Do not highlight  

Removes the highlighter.

Netlist manager  

Opens the Net Management dialog box.

Component list  

It lists, in the PCB panel, all the components present in the PCB.


It lists, in the PCB panel, all the net present in the PCB.

Change list  

Toggles between component list and net list.

Commands in the Ratsnest submenu

Command Description


Makes the selected net visible.


Displays only the selected net.

View all 

Show all nets.

Hide all 

Hides all the nets.

Show vectors 

Makes visible, or hides, the vectors.

Show ratsnest 

Makes visible, or hides, all the net.

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