The shape of a rectangle is determined by two axes that define its length and width.


Specify the coordinates of the point where the center of the rectangle is positioned.

Pos X

Specify the horizontal position.

Pos Y

Specify the vertical position.


Specify the dimensions of the rectangle axes.


Specify the length of the X-axis.


Specify the length of the Y-axis.


Specify the shape of the corners. You can draw a rectangle or square with rounded, scalloped or beveled corners. The rounding produces a curved corner, the scallop replaces the corner with an edge with a curved notch, while the bevel replaces the corner with a straight edge.

To draw rectangles or squares with rounded, scalloped or blunted corners, you must specify the size of the angle. To round or scallop an angle, the angle dimensions determine the radius of the angle. The radius is measured from the center of the curve to its perimeter. Higher values produce more rounded or blunted corners. The size value for beveling an angle represents the distance for setting the starting point of the bevel to the original angle. Higher values produce a longer beveled edge.

The dimensions of the angle should be indicated as a percentage. The value of 0% indicates that the corners of the rectangle are at 90°.


Specify the angle of rotation of the rectangle with respect to the x-axis.

Pen style

Select the line style from the proposed list or create a new style.

Fill style

Select the fill style.

Shadow style

Select the shadow style.

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