A bus entry object represents a terminal for the input and output of signals from a bus and is shown with a 45ยบ line attached to the outer edge of the bus.


Specify the name of the bus input line. A Bus Entry object assigns its name to the connection. The specified name becomes the name of the entire connection and is used during the generation of the netlist.

Anchor point

Specify the coordinates of the bus entry anchor point. A bus entry object must always be hooked to a bus.


Specify the horizontal position.


Specify the vertical position.


Select the bus entry style from the proposed list or create a new style.


Visible name

Specifies whether the name should be visible or hidden.

Name vertical

Specifies the orientation of the name when the object is placed vertically.

Automatic name position

Indicates whether the bus entry object name should be automatically repositioned when the object is rotated.

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