You can insert images into the drawing. You can also easily create summary pages containing thumbnails of pages included in a project or in the entire Job. The image is enclosed in a frame and can be resized and rotated. The image is dynamically linked to the page so any changes you make to the page will immediately reflect on its image.


Specify the coordinates of the point where the center of the frame is located.

Pos X

Specify the horizontal position.

Pos Y

Specify the vertical position.


Specify the angle of rotation of the frame with respect to the x-axis.


Specify the size of the frame.


Specify the height of the frame.


Specify the width of the frame.


Check this box to set the original image size.

Same aspect ratio

Spuntare questa casella per mantenere le proporzioni dell'immagine originale.


This section has different elements depending on whether the image comes from an external file or is generated internally.

Image from external file

Click the Open button to select the file containing the image

Image of a page

Scroll through the tree that shows all the pages in the Job and select the desired view. In the Resolution box, specify the image quality in DPI or select Auto for automatic setting.



Select the line style from the proposed list or create a new style.


Specify the transparency of the image.

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