A probe object is a symbol that is placed on the schematic to identify the signals to be displayed in the diagrams.


Specify the name to assign to the object.


Specifies the diagram number. All probe objects to which the same plot number is assigned are placed in the same diagram. Four diagrams are available.


Specify the type of analysis in which the probe object is active.


Specify the parameter to be detected. Place the probe on the body of an SPICE component to detect the measurable parameters of the component. See the list of parameters in the Device instance parameters section of the simulator help.


Specifies the format to be used for complex numbers. You can view module, phase, real or imaginary part, etc.

X coordinate

Specifies the horizontal position of the tip.

Y coordinate

Specifies the vertical position of the tip.


Visible name

Specifies whether the name should be visible or hidden.

Name in vertical

Specifies the orientation of the name when the object is placed vertically.

Always horizontal.

The name is always displayed horizontally.

Automatic name position

Indicates whether the name of the probe object should be automatically repositioned when the object is rotated.


Select the style from the proposed list or create a new style.

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