A radial dimension is a graphic object defined by three points: the center of the circle, the point on the circumference, the point that specifies the rotation of the dimension line.


Specify the type of quota. Radial dimensions may be radius or diameter.


Specify the dimension value or choose Automatic to automatically read the dimension value.


Specifies the dimension text. Leave this field blank to use the format specified in the style or directly specify the format.


A string with the format of the dimension text must be specified in the box. The format string consists of zero or more directives and common characters. A directive is formed by the character '@' followed by a character that determines the substitution that must take place. All common characters are copied unchanged. The directives are as follows:


Specifies the location where the dimension value is to be inserted.


Specifies the location where the unit of measure is to be inserted.


Specifies the position at which tolerance values are to be inserted.

If the value of the dimension is 10 and the unit of measurement is in millimetres, the following format strings will produce the following text string:
R.@V -> R.10
@V@U -> 10mm


Specify the tolerance values or choose From Style to use the values set in the style.


Select None to not enter tolerance values. Select Absolute to have absolute tolerance specifications; the tolerance values will be added to the value of the quota. Select Relative to have relative tolerance specifications; in this case the tolerance values will be preceded by the sign.


Specify the positive tolerance value.


Specify the negative tolerance value.


Select the dimension style from the proposed list or create a new style. See Style of Dimension objects.


Specify the coordinates of the center.


Specify the horizontal position.


Specify the vertical position.

End Point

Specify the coordinates of the point on the circumference. The coordinates can be specified in the following ways:

In absolute coordinates

Specify the horizontal position in the X box and the vertical position in the Y box.

In coordinates related to the center

Specify the distance from the center in the Dx and Dy fields.

In polar coordinates with respect to the center

Specify the radius and angle to the x axis in the Radius and Angle fields.

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