The shape of an arc trace is determined by two axes that define its length and width and by the angles that delimit the portion of the ellipse to be drawn.


Specify the coordinates of the point where the center of the arc is located.

Pos X

Specify the horizontal position.

Pos Y

Specify the vertical position.


Specify the dimensions of the ellipse axes.

Asse X

Specify the length of the X-axis.

Asse Y

Specify the length of the Y-axis.


The parameters belonging to this group define the initial and final angle of the arc.


Specify the initial angle of the arc.


Specify the final angle of the arc.


Specify whether the arc should be drawn clockwise or counterclockwise.


Specify the angle of rotation of the ellipse with respect to the x-axis.


If the Auto check box is checked, the track is inserted into the connection determined by the other objects it is in contact with. Unless you want to explicitly assign a connection to the track, select the Auto checkbox. If not, clear the Auto checkbox and select the connection.


Select the track style from the proposed list or create a new style.

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