Allows you to use documents as a starting point for the creation of other documents. These documents are saved to disk in files with the extension .clxdoc and you can select them when creating a new document in the dialog New document.


The starting point for creating any graphic document (electrical schematic, PCB) is a drawing template file. The default settings, styles, etc. are stored in the drawing template files.

To save a document as a template

  1. Choose Save as template from the File menu.

  2. In the dialog box, specify the name of the file where you want to save the document.

When a document is saved as a template, a brief description of the features must be entered in the Templates tab of the document's properties. The entered description will be displayed in the New Document dialog.


The Document Properties dialog box can be activated by selecting the Settings » Document Properties command or using the CTRL+ALT+D key combination.

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