This dialog box allows you to create different types of documents. Graphic documents for creating drawings, schematic, PCBs and diagrams; Text documents for defining models and documentation; documents for defining symbol libraries and components.


Document creation is only possible within projects, so before creating a document you must create at least one project.

In the left pane of the dialog box, the document types are listed. Select the document type and the basic template, to create a new blank document select the template Empty document

Document types Description

Graphic documents

To create drawings, schematics, PCBs, diagrams and any 2D graphic document.

RTF text documents

To create reports and component lists. The text in RTF format can be exported and included in other documents. RTF text documents are also used to as data containers for the diagrams. See Creation and use of RTF documents. Text in RTF format can be used to create a Job information page. This page is displayed in the dialog Open Job when you click on the file name. See Add an information page to Job.

HTML text documents

To create reports and component lists.

Plain text documents

To create unformatted text documents. See Creation and use of plain text documents.

Components library

To create component libraries for use in PCBs and schematics. See To create a component library.

SPICE Library

To create libraries of SPICE models to be used for simulating electronic circuits. See To create a library of SPICE models.

SPICE documents

To create SPICE circuits in text mode. See SPICE simulation in text mode.

Script documents

To create new utility commands and procedures. See To create JavaScript macros.


The starting point for creating any graphic document (schematic, PCB) is a drawing template file. The drawing template files store the default settings, styles, etc.

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