The organization of the data of a work created in is based on Documents, Projects and Jobs. Each of these three elements is associated with a specific set of properties.

What is the Job?

The Job is the set of all the information (documents, projects, styles, templates, symbols, reports, etc.) related to the same work, organized and stored in a single file with the extension .clxjob. The adoption of a single file allows an easier and more efficient archiving of complex projects consisting of several documents.

The following image illustrates the Job of an audio amplifier containing two projects: power supply and amplifier. Two documents describe the power supply (one for the schematic and one for the PCB) and the part of the amplifier is shown on four documents (three for the schematic and one for the PCB). The amplifier design also contains a folder with the documents generated during the simulations.


Opening a Job is a very fast operation and is independent of the number of documents stored in it. In fact, when you open a Job, the Job Panel lists all the documents stored in it but does not open any documents within the editing window. Documents can be opened later by double-clicking on the document name.

Create a new Job
Opening an existing Job
Saving the Job
Closing the Job
Job Properties

The Project

Projects are used to group documents homogeneously within the job.

Create a new project in the Job
Deleting a project from the Job
Remove a project without deleting it from the Job
Project Properties

The Document

The document is the data container for a drawing, schema, PCB or library. The multidocument interface (MDI) allows you to work on multiple documents at the same time.

Creating a new document
Opening an existing document
Closing a document
Closing the active window
Save a document as a template
Duplicating a document
Copying a document to another Job
Deleting a document
Remove a document without deleting it from the Job
Printing a document
Document Properties

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