To add a graphical attribute you must specify the name and value of the attribute.


An Attribute object, can exist free only within the rectangle of a Frame object. Otherwise it must be inserted into one of the following objects: group, symbol, sheet.

To add a graphic attribute

  1. Choose the Library » Attribute command or click on the tool in the toolbar. The Attribute properties dialog box opens where you can specify the name and value.

  2. To place the attribute at a precise point in the drawing, also specify the coordinates of the origin.

  3. Click on OK to close the dialog box. If the coordinates of the origin have not been entered, then the graphic attribute is created and hooked to the mouse cursor. Drag the mouse to place the object and click to place it in the drawing.


If the value contains a field code that cannot be evaluated (for example, an internal attribute of a symbol), the # character is displayed.

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