You can associate data and information to objects using attributes. For example, you can add attributes to symbols to store the price of a component and the manufacturer's code so you can include this information directly in the component list.

Attributes are characterized by a name, a category and a value. There are two types of attributes:

  • Internal attributes. Internal attributes can be associated with any object. The value of an internal attribute cannot be displayed directly in a drawing.

  • Graphic attributes. Graphic attributes are objects of type Attribute and can only be associated with the following object types: group, symbol, sheet. Graphic attributes can be used to display the value of internal attributes. See To display the internal attributes of symbols in the drawing.


An Attribute object, can exist free only within the rectangle of a Frame object. Otherwise it must be inserted into one of the following objects: group, symbol, sheet.

Commands for the attribute object

Command Description

Library » Attribute

Adds a graphic attribute.

How to create a graphic attribute

How to modify a graphic attribute

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