When you clone an object, you create a copy of an object that is linked to the original. The clone is a new object that is dependent on the original object and replicates all its transformations. The clone can be transformed independently of the original object but does not have its own data structure. The use of clones is useful in the duplication of complex graphic forms because the data structure is stored only once in the main object allowing a saving in terms of memory.

Clone allows you to edit multiple copies of an object simultaneously by editing the parent object. For example, having to create a background for a page and wanting to cover the entire surface with a symbol the size of 1 centimeter per side, you need to create about 600 copies of the same object. If you want to make some changes to the symbol later, you should modify all 600 copies, while using clones you only need to modify the original object.


Only objects of type Group can be cloned.

Commands for the clone object

Command Description

Graphics » Clone » Create

Creates a clone of the selected object.

Graphics » Clone » Create series

Creates a series of clones of the selected object.

Graphics » Clone » Offset

Specifies the offset of the clone from the source object.

How to create a clone

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