A deletion object represents a deletion area for copper objects. The delete function only acts on areas defined by copper objects and allows you to easily create openings in the power supply areas.

You can draw a deletion area of any shape or you can create a deletion object by copying its shape from another object.


You can make all deletion objects transparent in a layer by setting the option available in the view properties of the layer. See Dialog: Layers and Views.

Commands for the deletion object

Command Description

PCB » Copper » Deletion » Polygon

Draw a deletion area.

PCB » Copper » Deletion » Rectangle

Draws a rectangular erase Area.

PCB » Copper » Deletion » Ellipse

Draws a circular or elliptic erase Area.

PCB » Copper » Deletion » Polyline

Draws a deletion area as a polyline.

PCB » Copper » Deletion » Paste Shape

Creates an area of deletion from the geometry of the object copied to the clipboard.

How to create a deletion area

How to change a deletion area

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