This operation inserts into the drawing data produced by other programs. When incorporating data from other programs, the design becomes a passive container for this data. To change the data, you must open the program that produced them. For example, when incorporating a diagram produced with Excell, only the diagram image is reproduced; to be able to change the data, you must start Excell.

To embed an external object

  1. Choose the Graphics » OLE command or click the tool in the toolbar.

  2. The Insert object dialog box opens. In the Type object list, select the type of document you want to create and then activate one of the two following options:

    • Create new: Creates a new OLE object based on the selected object type.

    • Create from file: Creates an OLE object from an existing file. Click on Browse and select the file to open.

  3. Click on OK.

  4. If you have chosen to create a new object, the application with which to create the object opens. When you're done, choose File » Exit and return to the document, the application closes and an OLE object is created in the drawing.

The object box is created with the current pen style.

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