Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) objects can be linked to a target document or can be embedded.

Embedding external objects

This operation inserts into the drawing data produced by other programs. When incorporating data from other programs, the design becomes a passive container for this data. To change the data, you must open the program that produced them. For example, when incorporating a diagram produced with Excell, only the diagram image is reproduced; to be able to change the data, you must start Excell.


When you embed an object in a document, insert a copy of the object and detailed information about the source program into the target document. To change the object, you must activate the source program.

Commands for the OLE object

Command Description

Graphics » OLE

Incorporates an external object into the document.

Graphics » Open OLE

This causes the activation of the program with which the data was created.

How to create an OLE

How to modify an OLE

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