A path object is a line with a style for outline and a style for filling. You can set the shape of the endpoints of the path.

Union of path segments

You can connect multiple path objects together to form a single figure while keeping each object independent. When multiple path segments are linked together they behave like segments of a polyline. If you move a segment, the linked segments are repositioned to maintain the link. The connection between the segments of a path is made automatically during the creation and placement of the segments or it can be made explicitly with the command Operations » Connect. To separate segments of a path use the command Operations » Disconnect.


A path object is a purely graphical object. To make an electrical connection between the nodes of the schematic, use the object Wire. To make an electrical connection between the PCB pads, use the object Track.

Commands for the path object

Command Description

Graphics » Path » Segment

Draws a single segment. The tool automatically closes when the first segment is completed.

Graphics » Path » Polyline

Draws a path consisting of several connected segments. Once the first segment has been completed, the tool remains active and you can specify the endpoints of the other segments.

Graphics » Path » Parallel

Draws a single segment parallel to the reference object.

Graphics » Path » With angle

Draws a single segment that forms a certain angle with the reference object.

How to create a path

How to change a path

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