A wire type object is a line with electrical properties that is used to create an electrical connection between the pins connected to its ends. A wire has two points: a start point and an end point. It is possible to connect several wire objects together to form a single electrical connection while keeping the objects separate.

The endpoints of a wire are its electrical terminals. It should be noted that the simple overlapping of the terminals does not make the electrical connection but it is necessary that the objects have actually been connected. The connection between the electrical objects is made automatically during the creation and positioning of the objects themselves or can be done explicitly with the command Schematic » Connect. To separate wires use the command Schematic » Disconnect. To better highlight the existence of the electrical connection, a circle is drawn around the unconnected terminals. See Electrical Connectivity.

Commands for the wire object

Command description

Schematic » Wire » Segment

Draw a single wire. The tool automatically closes when the first segment is completed.

Schematic » Wire » Polyline

Draws a series of contiguous segments. When the first segment is completed, the tool remains active and you can specify the endpoints of the other segments.

How to create a wire

How to modify a wire

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