Paragraph text is inserted within a frame and automatically adapts to the frame width even when the frame is resized. Paragraph text is indicated for adding blocks of text to documents. The text can be inserted directly into the object's properties window, or you can import ASCII format text from an external file. You can define the alignment of the text within the box.

To add a paragraph

  1. Choose the Graphics » Text » Paragraph command or click the tool in the toolbar.

  2. Specify a vertex of the box containing the paragraph.

  3. Complete the box by specifying the final vertex. You can use the pointing device or you can open the dialog box for entering values. In the dialog box, the coordinates of the endpoint can be specified as follows:

    • By typing the point coordinates directly.

    • By specifying the offset from the starting point.

    • Specifying the inclination of the line relative to the horizontal axis and its length.

  4. Type the text. The text will be aligned according to the current style.

  5. To finish entering the text, click on a point outside the box or press CTRL+TAB.

The paragraph is created with the current style of the text.

When entering text, you can use the mouse pointer to move the cursor or to select part of the text. The selected text can be deleted, copied or edited. You can change the color or effects (underline, strikethrough, italic, bold, etc.).

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