You can create two types of text objects: free text and paragraph text. Free text consists of one or more lines of text and can be used to insert a single word or short descriptions. Although there is no limit to the length of the text, free text is suitable for containing short lines of text. Paragraph text is inserted within a frame and automatically adapts to the frame width even when the frame is resized. Paragraph text is indicated for adding blocks of text within documents. The text can be inserted directly into the object's properties window, or you can import ASCII format text from an external file. Text alignment can be defined.

Commands for adding text

Command Description

Graphics » Text » Text

Free text is useful for adding a single word or short lines of text.

Graphics » Text » Paragraph

Paragraph text is generally reserved for extended blocks of text with higher formatting requirements.

Graphics » Text » Note

Notes allow you to insert comments and information into the drawing. They can be hidden and displayed only when needed.

How to create a text

How to edit a text

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