1. Choose the PCB » Track » Arc » Start, X-axis, Y-axis, Angle command or click the tool in the toolbar.

  2. Specify the starting point.

  3. Specify the length of the x-axis.

  4. Specify the length of the y-axis.

  5. Specify the final angle.

    The arc can be created clockwise or counterclockwise by pressing the TAB key.

    To create a closed arc at the center choose the Closed center command in the tool menu.

    To create a arc closed to the chord choose the Closed to the chord command in the tool menu.

If the track starts on a pad, the routing style set for the class of the connection to which the pad belongs is used, otherwise the current routing style is used.

For the insertion of Vias and Jumpers the layer pairing defined in the dialog PCB Layer Stackup is used.

Commands and options

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