This command allows you to trace an electrical connection by drawing a series of contiguous wires. Although it is possible to create a series of contiguous wires, each segment acts as a separate object.

To draw a series of wires

  1. Choose the Schematic » Wire » Polyline command or click the tool in the toolbar.

  2. Specify the starting point.

  3. Complete the first segment by specifying its end point. You can use the pointing device or you can open the dialog box for entering values. In the dialog box, the coordinates of the endpoint can be specified as follows:

    • By typing the point coordinates directly.

    • By specifying the offset from the starting point.

    • Specifying the inclination of the line relative to the horizontal axis and its length.

    To draw a wire at a certain angle, press A and specify the angle.

  4. Specify the endpoints of the other segments.
    To cancel the previous segment press BACKSPACE.

  5. Press ENTER to end the command.

The wire is created with the current style.

Commands and options

Drawing mode

When you place a wire there are 5 placement Modes. The mode specifies how angles are created when you place wires and angles to which wires can be placed. Press the TAB key to scroll through the modes or the ALT key to select the opposite mode to the active one. You can change modes at any time while drawing the Line.


In all modes other than Any angle, the line segment connected to the cursor shows the next segment. The segment you are currently placing precedes this Segment.

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