Once the drawing of the tracks has been completed and the PCB has been checked for errors, the next step is to generate the files needed to produce the PCB: the Gerber files, the NC Drill files for drilling the PCB and the file for the pick and place machine for assembling the components. All settings for the correct generation of these files are contained in the CAM outputs.

It is possible to define a CAM output for each of the different phases required in the production and assembly of the PCB. A CAM output groups all the parameters needed to generate the required files. For more information on settings for CAM outputs see CAM Settings.

To generate CAM files

  1. Choose the command PCB » CAM » Build CAM or click on the tool in the toolbar.


CAM documents are generated in the CAM Files folder within the project. All documents belonging to the same CAM output are included in a .zip file created in the folder C:\Users\user\Documents\Alterlogix\Drawlogix\CAM.

Manually export the zip file to the PCB manufacturer

All documents belonging to the same CAM output are automatically exported in a .zip file. If you need to add or modify documents, you can export them manually in a .zip file as follows:

  1. In the Job Panel, expand the CAM files folder contained within the project.

  2. Select the folder to export and right-click to open the command menu.

  3. Choose the Build Zip Archive command. The dialog box for specifying the file name opens.

  4. Specify the name to assign to the file and click on Save.

Verify the generated Gerber documents

Before sending the generated .zip file to the PCB manufacturer it is best to verify the Gerber images using a Gerber file viewer and make sure that what is generated is what you want. To verify Gerber files do the following:

  1. Choose the command PCB » CAM » Gerber Viewer. The online Gerber file viewer from Ucamco, the developer of the Gerber format, starts.

  2. In the viewer open the .zip file generated and available in the folder C:\Users\user\Documents\Alterlogix\Drawlogix\CAM.

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