The creation of a new PCB is the next step after the electrical schematic has been completed. All information about the components and the connections between them is transferred from the schematic to the PCB.


Before transferring from the schematic to the PCB make sure that the information is correct and up to date by proceeding to Annotation of components and Check of the schematic.

Creating the PCB from the schematic

  1. Choose the Schematic » Update PCB command or click on the tool in the toolbar. If the project does not contain a PCB document, the New document dialog box opens where you can specify the document title and the basic template.

  2. The PCB document is created or updated. Any components added will appear in the PCB Panel.

To create a new PCB document without an electrical schematic

In particular cases and for simple projects it can be convenient to make a PCB without having to draw a schematic.

  1. Do one of the following to open the New document dialog:

    • If your Job includes only one project, choose New from the File menu and then click Document.

    • Within the Job Panel, right-click on the project name where you want to add the document, in the menu that appears choose New » Document.

  2. In the dialog box, specify the document title and base model and then select PCB in the Graphical documents group.

Dialog box: Netlist Manager
Placing components on the PCB
PCB Routing
Annotation of PCB components
Measure spacing between PCB objects
Checking the PCB
Updating of the electrical schematics
Report generation
Generating CAM files
3D Preview and Export

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