The PCB verification procedure allows to check the respect of the rules set in the DRC classes and of the CAM rules (rules related to the PCB manufacturing technology).

The DRC classes define the electrical design rules for the PCB. A DRC class is a set of rules that define the distances that must be respected between the different elements on the PCB, such as the distance between a pad and a track or the distance between two pads. DRC rules can be assigned to a Net or Layer so that electrical rules can be defined that are only valid for the tracks and pads of a given Net or present on a given layer. See DRC classes.


The set of rules used for automatic PCB check can be set in the PCB tab in the Project Properties dialog box. The dialog can be activated by selecting the Settings » Project Properties command or by using the key combination CTRL+ALT+P.

Errors are listed in a report window. Each line describes an error or a warning message. Right-clicking inside the report window opens a menu with a few commands.

To activate PCB checking

  1. Choose the PCB » Design Rules Check command or click on the tool in the toolbar. The DRC dialog box appears, where you can set the options available for checking the PCB design rules.

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