This event is generated to obtain a message with information on the operation that can be performed.

function OnDynamicGetInfo(obj, index)


Parameter Description
obj An object of a class derived from DlxObject object to which the hook belongs.
index If the mouse cursor is on a dynamic hook it contains the index of the hook. If the mouse cursor is on a dynamic object, it contains the numeric value corresponding to the parameter specified after the macro name in the ObjRun attribute or the value 65535 if no value is specified or cannot be converted to a number.


This function is called when the mouse pointer is on a dynamic hook. The purpose of this function is to obtain a text string with some information about the action that can be performed by dragging the hook or by clicking on the dynamic object.

Use the object's SetHookMessage method to specify the message.

This event implements the dynamic functionality of the objects.


For the complete code see "dynamic star.clxjob" in the sample files.

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function OnDynamicGetInfo(obj, index)
  var message = " (Move hook to modify number of rays.) (+SHIT: modify ray height)";

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