This event is generated when the context menu of the selected object is opened.

function OnDynamicGetMenu(obj)


Parameter Description
obj An object of a class derived from DlxObject.


This function is called when the context menu for the selected object is opened. The purpose of this function is to obtain a text string with the list of menu items relating to the dynamic functions of the object. The first item in the list specifies the name of the menu. Entries must be separated with the \n character.

Use the object's SetHookMenu method to specify the menu.

This event implements the dynamic functionality of the objects.


For the complete code see "dynamic star.clxjob" in the sample files.

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function OnDynamicGetMenu(obj)
	obj.SetHookMenu("Star\nStar 5\nStar 6\nStar 12\nDialog...");

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