Graphic figure.

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Name Description
DlxFigure Constructs a DlxFigure object.


Name Description
AddArc Adds an elliptical arc to the shape.
AddBezier Adds a B├ęzier spline to the shape.
AddCurve Adds a cardinal spline to the shape.
AddLine Adds a line to the shape.
AddPoint Adds a vertex to the shape.
AddPoints Adds a sequence of connected lines to the shape.
BeginShape Begin shape construction.
Empty Empty the shape.
EndShape Finish building the shape.
GetCentroid Gets the centroid of the figure.
GetPoint Gets a point of the shape.
GetPointCount Gets the number of points in this shape.
GetPointFlags Gets the flags of the specified point.
GetPointType Gets the type of the specified point.
IsClosed Check whether the figure constitutes a closed path.
IsEmpty Check if the shape contains segments.
IsValid Returns true if the object is valid otherwise returns false.
Move Move the figure.
Reverse To reverse the order of vertices in a shape.
Rotate Rotate the figure relative to a point.
Scale Resize the figure.
SetCircle Set a circular shape.
SetRectangle Set up a rectangular shape.
SetShape Create a shape consisting of lines, curves, and arcs.
Widen Widen an open figure.

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