Creates a wire passing through two points.

DlxLayer.DrawWire(p1, p2, bLink)


Parameter Description
p1 A DlxPoint object with the coordinates specifying the wire start point.
p2 A DlxPoint object with the coordinates specifying the wire end point.
bLink Specify true if the wire must connect to electrical objects or false to draw only the wire.

Return Value

The last newly created DlxWire object. Call the IsValid() method to determine if the object was created correctly.


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var prj = DlxApp.GetJob().GetProject("Example Sch");
if (!prj.IsValid())
  prj = DlxApp.GetJob().NewProject("Example Sch");
var doc = prj.GetDocument("Examples Sch", DlxApp.DOCTYPE_SCHEMATIC);
if (!doc.IsValid())
  doc = prj.NewDocument("Examples Sch", DlxApp.DOCTYPE_SCHEMATIC);
  doc.SetPageFormat("A4", false);
if (doc.IsValid() && doc.Activate())
  var page = doc.GetActivePage();
  if (page.IsValid())
    var layer = page.GetLayerFromType(DlxApp.LAYERTYPE_DRAWING);
    if (layer.IsValid())
      layer.DrawWire(new DlxPoint(50,50), new DlxPoint(100,50), true);
      layer.DrawWire(new DlxPoint(100,50), new DlxPoint(100,100), true);

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