The properties of paragraph objects are listed in two tabs. In the first tab, a text editor is available for typing text, while the parameters relating to the style and position of the text are listed in the second tab.


This tab has a central text input box and two boxes from which to select the style and color of the selected characters. The toolbar at the top of the window provides commands for text formatting. The complete list of commands is available in the menu that can be viewed by right-clicking inside the editor. See Text input boxes.


This tab contains parameters related to the style and position of the text. See Text objects style.


Specify the coordinates of the point where the center of the paragraph is located.

Pos X

Specify the horizontal position.

Pos Y

Specify the vertical position.


Specify the size of the paragraph.


Specify the length of the X-axis.


Specify the length of the Y-axis.


Specify the percentage of rounding of the four corners of the paragraph. The value of 0% indicates that the angles of the rectangle are at 90°, while the value of 100% indicates an arc of circle.


Specificare l'angolo di rotazione del paragrafo rispetto all'asse x.


Specify the width of the horizontal and vertical margins.


Specify the spacing between the lines of the text.


Specify the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text relative to the point of insertion in the drawing. See Text alignment.

Text style

Select the text style from the proposed list or create a new style. The style set is the default style of the text object and is only used by characters for which the style is set to Use the default style.

Shadow style

Select the shadow style.

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