In a style is a set of properties identified by a name.

Public and private style

You can assign both public and private styles to an object. The private style is defined in the object and if modified, it only affects the appearance of the object itself. A public style is defined at the Job level and is accessible by all objects in all documents. A change made to a public style causes all objects using that style to change immediately.

Style from layer

Drawing layers define a private style of pen, fill, and text. Any changes made to the layer styles immediately affect the objects.

Simple styles

Simple styles are those styles that are not specific to an object type but can be used by multiple object types or be part of complex styles. For example, the pen style is used in both line type and ellipse type objects and is part of other styles such as text style.

Complex styles

When a style contains other styles or is a specific style for a particular type of object represents a complex style. For example, the style of dimension objects, which makes use of simple styles, is a complex style.

To set the current style
To create or edit a public style
To assign a public style to objects
To assign layer styles to objects
To set the default styles of a layer
To assign or change a private style
To make all styles of the object private
To acquire the styles of an object
To set the default styles of objects

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