Specify the name to assign to the connection. If the net label is attached to a bus line, specify all the signals propagated by the bus by separating them with a comma. The groups of signals that have the name formed by a prefix followed by a progressive numerical index (for example the data lines of a memory component: D0, D1, D2 etc.), can be specified using the following form:



Net Class

Select the connection class. The Net classes define the styles of the connections. They include the wire style in schematics and the DRC and Routing classes for the PCB. See Net Classes.


Specify the coordinates of the insertion point. The point of insertion of a Nel label is its electric hotspot. A Net label must always be placed next to a wire or bus line so that its insertion point identifies the object to which it is assigned.

Horizontal coordinate

Specify the horizontal position.

Vertical coordinate

Specify the vertical position.


Specify the angle of rotation of the text with respect to the x-axis.


Specify the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text relative to the point of insertion in the drawing. See Text alignment.


Select the text style from the proposed list or create a new style. If the style is set to Automatic the style set in the class is used.

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