The properties of the via object include the coordinates of the origin, the connection and the connected layers.

Position X

Specify the horizontal position.

Position Y

Specify the vertical position.


If the Auto check box is checked, the via is inserted into the connection determined by the other objects it is in contact with. Unless you want to explicitly assign a connection to the via, select the Auto checkbox. If not, clear the Auto checkbox and select the connection.

Test Point

Use these parameters to define the pad as a test point during board construction. A test point is a point where a test probe can come into contact with the PCB to verify the proper functioning of the board. You can specify a name for the test point and the side on which the measurement is to be made.


Set the start and stop layers. Unless you use the blind ways or buried vias, the starting layer is Top Copper and the ending layer is Bottom Copper. The use of blind and buried vias must be enabled by defining layer pairs in the PCB Layer Stackup. A drilling pair must be defined for each pair of layers connected by the vias. This allows you to generate all the files needed to create the blind or buried vias for the production of the PCB.


Select the style from the proposed list or create a new style.

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