A drawing document, whether schematic or PCB, requires several initial settings such as unit of measure, coordinate system, layer names, page size, object styles, and other values.


The starting point for creating any drawing (schematic, PCB) is a drawing template file. All default settings are stored in the drawing template files.

To start a new drawing

Whether you start from an empty drawing or a drawing template file, the initial steps are as follows:

  1. Create a new graphic document as described in Creating a new document.

  2. Define the classes of coordinates useful for drawing. See Setting the Coordinate System.

  3. Set the size of the pages. See Set the default format and style of the pages.

  4. Set the default style of objects. See Set the default style of objects.

  5. Create all drawing layers and views. See Creating and using layers and views.

  6. For PCBs, define the layer stack. See PCB Layer Stackup.

  7. For PCBs set CAM parameters. See CAM Settings.

  8. Once the basic settings have been completed, you can save the document as a template. In fact, customizing a drawing template file eliminates the need to continuously change the settings. See Save a document as a template.

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